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Abbotts Ann Vision
Abbotts Ann Vision
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Village Design Statement
The main purpose of this document is to record the results of a consultation process on what members of this community consider to be the distinctive and important features of the village, and to set out guidelines for the future.
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Abbotts Ann Village School

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Grave Yard Survey  

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Mill in Mill Lane (Click for full Picture) Abbotts Ann and its History
One of the earliest documented entries of the parish occured in the Domesday Survey of 1096. By then Abbotts Ann was only paying taxes on 8 hides of land, but it had three mills, and Little Ann had two. Of these sites only two are now known -- the Upper Mill, Monxton, which is within Abbotts Ann Parish, and the Lower Mill in Mill Lane.
A cottage in Abbotts Ann (Click here for full Picture)
Click here for the new Village Map   Have a look at the Village Map
Come and look at the village map. Click on the buildings to find out more and see a view or picture. Full size printed maps are available from the village Post Office.
Ordinance Survey view of the village

Black & White Aerial View taken about 1950

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Allows anyone to discuss village topics as well as getting feedback on important subjects through the village FORUM quickly without having to set up meetings that many may not be able to attend .
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